Dad Caucus, urged by a Republican economic agenda

This is a huge disappointment. The issues falling through the cracks are the issues that always fall through the cracks. This is not Child friendly, this is not Early Education or Child Development friendly, this is not stay at home Dad, or Mom, stay at home Grandparent friendly. This is an economic agenda, that will eventually be a wrapped in red tape compromise, that compromises every individual involved.

Democrats, you fell for it again.

The Earth Outside My Door

Who in their right mind would not thrive living on a few acres of land, eating the fruits of the good earth and one’s own labor? This is a choice that most do not have. There are not enough acres in the world for all humans to live this sort of life, on this scale. I do think it is possible to find peace and balance within ourselves even in a city, even when using technology, even when respecting science, as imperfect as it may be due to human nature

Living On the Fringe of Poverty

Capitalism is the mind-killer.
I will face Capitalism.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
And when it has gone past
I will put my hands in my pockets
and they will be empty.

Frank I hope you don’t mind the adulterated quote, and could you please let Ray know that San Francisco decided not to use the Killer Robot Dogs.

Send Them Home

I was really happy when I read that Brittney Griner was being released from the Russian prison and was coming home.

I started to wonder how many people we have in prisons here in the US, so I looked it up. According to FBI Data, US state and local law enforcement agencies reported 170,856 arrests for marijuana possession in 2021, down from over 226,000 in 2020? Most of those arrest were people of color.

I think it’s time the US took a good look at what Brittney Griner just went through, and do the same thing we expected China to do for Brittney Griner. We need to free our own citizens held as prisoners here in the US. Send them home.

It is time to decriminalize and legalize marijuana in the US.


Has it always been a completive sport.

“…the growing debate over whether AI programs will one day be able to replace professional artists.”

I’m guessing a lot of Artists would be concerned about this. It could negatively affect their livelihood, and their life. If income did not matter, I wonder how it would change the way Artists work?

I thought about this a lot today. Art is a word. If I think of it as a noun, Art is the product. If I think of Art as a verb, it is the process. I consider Art to be a form of self expression. Art becomes a Tool if it is used to sell deodorant, or promote a new restaurant, or win a contest. I don’t think there is anything wrong with using Art as a Tool. I do think the difference is important.

Imagine a world where all Artists were well fed

I love the results that an untrained eye, hand, ear, heart, mind, can create.

– You Were Dancing

They drew me happy, and dancing.

*My hair was not that red.

How can we help our Teachers

To be sure, the teacher shortage is not unique to JCPS – the entire state is suffering. Kentucky ranked No. 9 in the country with the highest shortage per population, with less than nine educators per 1,000 people, according to an analysis by Schoolaroo. Florida ranked the worst with less than seven teachers per 1,000” – Krista Johnson Louisville Courier Journal

Fewer people are choosing to become Teachers. People who love Teaching, are leaving the profession, and obviously fewer people are choosing to become Teachers. This article suggests that unruly children, who need more Adult supervision in the hallways are the problem To solve our problem we need to ask, why are our children unruly perhaps more unruly than in the past. I am going to make a leap, based on what I have seen over a 45 year career of working with Preschool children and their families. Our children need more Adult interaction from Birth through the vitally important stages of Early childhood Socialization.

Without enough early adult interaction and socialization, our children need more supervision in school, rather than being able to self discipline, and enjoy the value of their own Education. Not only do families need more interactive time with their children. Preschool Teachers from our Infant Classrooms through Kindergarten need to be treated as professionals, with the support of higher education, with an income of a Teacher. Even at the current highest pay range, our Preschool Teachers are sorely underpaid.

All Teachers need smaller class size to teacher ratios.

We rely on our Infant through Kindergarten Teachers to socialize our youngest children, it makes no sense to wait to begin the socialization process in a Middle School hallway.

All that said, I find it interesting that the Kentucky ranks so low, yet we have had Mitch McConnell in a high place of power in our government for a very long time. If Mr McConnell can not manage to help improve his home state’s educational system beginning with our Infant Child Care through Preschool Classrooms, any better than this, why is he allowed to have so much influence on the State of the Nation? Rick DeSantis wants to be our President, yet look at his state’s ability to provide Teachers for our children.

Socialization is not punitive.

Find a better way.